Become Your Own Health Expert!

  • Heal the body,
    • Prevent illness,
      • Gain more energy,
        • Reverse aging   

    Any appliance you purchase comes with a Manual. Did you know that human bodies have one too?!!

    Your body’s specific make and model has its own Manual for safe and effective operation based on its unique genetic blueprint, biochemistry and year of assembly.


    1. The weekly sessions are run by a Certified Natural Health Practitioner.
    2. The Calendar of topics is released in the beginning of the month.
    3. Members can attend as many sessions as they like.
    4. After the presentation of a health topic, there will be time for Q&A.
    5. There will be optional homework – practical tasks and more learning.
    6. Your monthly membership includes 1 personalized coaching call.
    7. To join the Natural Health Club, you need to take Digestive Health 101. (see below)

    What are we going to cover

    • Practical Physiology
    • Nutrition
    • Supplements
    • Genetics 
    • Lifestyle Medicine

    you will learn how to

    • Optimize Diet, Improve Digestion, and Heal the Gut
    • Support the Brain, Balance Adrenals, and Improve Sleep
    • Daily Detox – Safely and Effectively


    Optimal Diet, Effective Digestion, Healthy Gut

    Do you know WHY all disease begins in the gut? Did you know that you are a doughnut?!! Why you are NOT what you eat? Why is food your medicine?

    Let’s explore these and more topics on how your diet, digestion, and gut health create the FOUNDATION for optimal health.